• Simplify Your Energy Reporting.
  • Reduce Your Energy Expenses.
  • Increase your energy Income.
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Fully Integrated Energy Management

Energy Supply and Risk Management

Energy Supply and Risk Management

  • Optimize procurement strategies given market fundamentals and your firm’s business objectives
  • Understand how demand management affects procurement strategies
  • Compare contract performance vs. market/fixed rates and utility default/last resort supply
  • Generate income from participation in demand response programs
Utility Expense & Data Management

Utility Expense & Data Management

  • Automate invoice data acquisition and consolidate invoice data and invoice images from local distribution companies (LDCs) and energy supply companies (ESCOs)
  • Investigate invoice accuracy through statistical and tariff based invoice auditing
  • Report on energy expenses and income to evaluate Y-o-Y KPI variances and trends, tenant submeter/ERI revenue vs. base building expenses, demand response, battery storage revenue, and more.
  • Prepare accurate budgets based on our proprietary consumption forecasting algorithm, supply market projections, delivery tariff rates and utility commission rate cases
Facility Optimization

Facility Optimization

  • Analyze how weather, occupancy, and operational changes affect your building’s usage in real-time
  • Measure & Verify the performance of energy efficiency projects
  • Identify areas for operational improvements and potential energy efficiency projects and capital improvements
  • Manage peak energy usage and quantify avoided delivery demand and supply capacity charges
Strategic Solutions

Strategic Solutions

Sustainability Reporting

Sustainability Reporting

  • Comply with mandated energy reporting laws
  • Integrate with Energy Star Portfolio Manager, GRESB, and additional voluntary or mandated reporting organizations through EnergyWatch’s API and Microsoft Excel plug-in
  • Track waste and recycling data and diversion rates
  • Lead by managing your water data and quantify the true cost of water and water-related business risks
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EnergyWatch Obtains $3MM Electricity Refund
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