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National Portfolio Saves >1,250 Man-Hours With Watchwire Utility Invoice Management, Reporting, and GHG Emissions Tracking

National Portfolio Saves >1,250 Man-Hours With Watchwire Utility Invoice Management, Reporting, and GHG Emissions Tracking
A 50+ property national commercial office portfolio enlisted a global consulting firm to manage utility data aggregation, greenhouse gas emissions calculations, and energy reporting, both for internal initiatives and sustainability reporting through GRESB.  This firm was not delivering accurate, timely results and our client needed a solution that worked.
EnergyWatch implemented our watchwire platform which saves our client over 1,250 man-hours per year with respect to utility data aggregation, centralized consolidation of invoice images and information, GHG calculations/reporting/auditing, and general utility reporting.

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With properties in 10 major gateway markets with >30 different utility companies/ESCOs totaling over $130MM of utility spend and 700,000,000 kWh of electricity usage (3.5 million MMbtu of energy usage) annually, our client needed a solution to manage the utility data for their portfolio.  Originally, property managers/engineers were spending 1-2 hours per month obtaining, extracting, and entering data into various Excel spreadsheets, with a team at headquarters consolidating the spreadsheets and manually performing necessary utility analytics for emissions reporting and general energy reporting.  They enlisted the help of one of the largest global management consulting, technology services, and outsourcing firms; however, this firm was not delivering as promised and ultimately discontinued the service completely.
EnergyWatch was retained to consolidate 3 years of historical data, plus each month moving forward, for the entirety of the US portfolio.  Additionally, EnergyWatch audits the invoices, distributes monthly greenhouse gas emissions reports, monthly year-over-year cost, usage, and demand variance reports, and monthly budget variance reports, all on a property, regional, and portfolio summary basis for over 155 users to consume throughout the portfolio.

Our services have saved over 1,250 man-hours in utility data aggregation and consolidation alone, plus countless hours that would have been spent performing the value-added services such as auditing, variance reporting, and GHG emissions reporting.