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Commercial Landlord Saves $190,000 annually on Water/Sewer Costs

Commercial Landlord Saves $190,000 annually on Water/Sewer Costs
A commercial landlord retained EnergyWatch to audit water and sewer invoices.
A sewer credit for 3 cooling towers from the DEP in the amount of $116,000 and annual savings of $190,000

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While reviewing the property’s water and sewer invoices EnergyWatch detected that only one of the property’s cooling towers was receiving sewer credits from the Department of Environmental Protection. EnergyWatch’s personnel visited the site to learn more about the system, then contacted the DEP. A conversation revealed that 5 of the site’s cooling towers never had a cooling tower application submitted to the DEP and thus no credit was ever provided for them. EnergyWatch completed the cooling tower applications and hand delivered them to the DEP to ensure that the matter was given immediate attention and to schedule an appointment for a DEP technician to certify the cooling tower meters. Three cooling towers were certified. When the next invoice was issued, EnergyWatch found that the cooling tower credits were not included on the invoice and contacted the DEP immediately. The DEP issued a credit of $116K covering 4 months of the cooling towers consumption. Annual savings going forward are expected to be $190,000.