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Customer Engagement Software for Utilities – What You Need to Know

Utility companies are facing many challenges right now. The power grid must be updated in preparation for the clean energy transition as well as safeguarded against severe weather caused by climate change. For utilities based in the West Coast states, preparing for potential fires is likely top of mind. In addition, utilities deal with issues like lack of visibility into client’s energy usage, difficulty collecting data across disparate utility infrastructures, preparing for peak load times, and more. So, what’s a utility to do? Enter, customer engagement software for utilities.

Customer engagement software can help utilities solve their problems and better serve their customers. In this article, we discuss exactly what to look for in customer engagement software, the benefits of having it, and how WatchWire’s own software can serve your company.

The Benefits of Customer Engagement Software for Utilities

Having customer engagement software provides utilities with competitive differentiation through digital transformation, improved Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores, and the insights needed to identify new services and programs. It also enables utilities to engage their customers with compelling and personalized energy and sustainability data.

What to Look for In a Customer Engagement Platform

A strong customer engagement platform should provide a utility with:

  • The ability to collect all energy data on a national & global basis and share with their customers
  • Actionable insights, not just more energy data
  • Visibility across customer portfolios to determine new services or programs that should be offered
  • A single source of truth for all energy and sustainability data

How WatchWire Can Assist Utilities

WatchWire’s web-based Customer Engagement Platform offers these features and more:

To learn more about the benefits of a customer engagement platform, download our whitepaper, “What to Look for in a Customer Engagement Platform.”

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