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Updates to ENERGY STAR Effective August 26, 2018

  • August 21, 2018

Last August we published an article outlining the pending changes in ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager metrics (ENERGY STAR Updates Coming: Will Your Score Decrease?) and the potential changes to your 1-100 ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager score.  At the time, the exact date of the update and other details were unknown, but have since been released.  On August 26, 2018, the EPA is updating performance metrics in Portfolio Manager based on the latest CBECS data.  For the past 14 years, ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager scores have been based on 2003 CBECS data (2007 CBECS was not published for use).  The new scores effective August 26, 2018 will be based on 2012 CBECS (released in 2016), with changes reflecting an overall improvement in the US building stock.

Since the overall building stock is, on average, improving, ENERGY STAR scores will, on average, decrease.  Below is the average decrease expected for each of the affected property types (with an increase expected for Hotels):

energy star updates

Exact reductions to your own ENERGY STAR score(s) will be based on your site energy use, fuel mix, property type, and other variables.  While the score post update will be unknown until updated, rest assured that prior certifications will remain intact and you will not be removed from ENERGY STAR certified lists if your new score dips below 75.  However, all prior scores will be affected by the update, so if you’d like to keep a record of historical scores to analyze the impact of the new metrics, export your data from Portfolio Manager prior to the update on August 26th.