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How Your Organization Can Reduce Its Greenhouse Gas Emissions

On July 20th, the International Energy Association issued a press release in which they forecasted that global greenhouse gas emissions will hit record levels in 2023 and continue to grow in the years to follow. The press release also noted that not enough money is being spent on clean energy and sustainability worldwide to reach climate goals.

“The sums of money, both public and private, being mobilized worldwide…fall well short of what is needed to reach international climate goals,” the press release said.

Although the IEA states that countries and their governments will be key to solving the growing greenhouse gas emissions problem, your organization can play a supporting role by reducing its own emissions. There are several ways to reduce your organization’s emissions that will also save your company time and money and improve your reputation among customers, employees, and stakeholders. Enter, green energy procurement and energy management! Check out the graphics below to learn more about each one.

Energy Management

Green Energy Procurement

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