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Local Law 97 – A Complete Guide to NYC’s Ambitious Emissions Legislation

When Local Law 97 was established last year, shockwaves were sent through New York City’s real estate industry. Since its establishment, there have been numerous updates, revisions, and adjustments to the law, making it all the more challenging for building owners and managers to keep up with. However, the most important thing to understand is that Local Law 97 is not going away, while it may be modified, it is here to stay. And it is likely that states beyond New York will follow suit in the coming years.

EnergyWatch has organized a Complete Guide to Preparing for NYC’s Most Ambitious Building Emissions Legislation, featuring everything you need to know about compliance, as well as our expert tips and proprietary research.

This guide will focus on all things Local Law 97 – Here’s what to expect:

  • What is Local Law 97?
  • Timeline of Local Law 97
  • What does it mean for your building?
  • Exemptions and Adjustments to the Law
  • Local Law 97 Concerns and How to Address Them

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