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EnergyWatch Client, Pompeian, Wins Smart Energy Decisions Award

EnergyWatch Client, Pompeian, Wins Smart Energy Decisions Award for Industrial Energy Data Management

OVERVIEW: Pompeian is one of the largest olive oil producers in the United States, but had trouble tracking their utility data across their portfolio. The company wanted to become a Certified B Corporation but needed usage numbers across all commodities. Using the Watchwire platform from EnergyWatch LLC, Pompeian was able to easily automate utility and meter usage hosted under one system, creating a culture of collaboration and accountability when tackling energy projects and goals across all their energy-related departments.

EXECUTION: This project was deployed in July 2019 and is still ongoing. With their two California-based and Baltimore- based manufacturing plants coupled onto the same platform as their offices, Pompeian now has the ability to see trends across all locations for usage derived from olive oil produced. Mattan Sharvit led the effort and implementation of this project from start to finish. His vision to evolve from Excel spreadsheets has streamlined the energy and auditing process to allow focus on tangible changes such as reducing energy intensity and carbon footprint.

INNOVATION: This project went above and beyond by incorporating all energy and sustainability-related departments into one streamlined goal. Accounting, finance, sustainability, energy management, engineering, facilities, and procurement worked hand-in-hand to realize a network where communication and collaboration are achieved in real-time.  Pompeian went from a non-existent energy focus to a proactive mindset where all teams work together to achieve the goal of becoming a Certified B Corporation—all in less than six months.

RESULTS: Pompeian gained control of what they couldn’t see, which allowed for future plans to be made taking a data-driven approach. Pompeian now has the power to progress to the next stage of their project by installing meters on facilities and systems, which will realize their greatest ROI by targeting low-hanging fruit.

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