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EnergyWatch Signs Technology Partnership with Power Management Company

EnergyWatch Signs Technology Partnership with Market-Leading Power Management Company to Offer WatchWire as a Private Labeled Energy Management as a Service

New York, NY—May 8, 2020 – EnergyWatch LLC, a leading sustainability and energy management software as a service provider, has signed a distribution partnership with a multibillion-dollar leader in power management for EnergyWatch’s Watchwire platform to be private-labeled. As the Energy Management and IoT market moves toward further convergence, both EnergyWatch and the power management company recognize the need to invest in next-generation solutions that deliver energy insights, not just more data. The collaboration will strengthen market-leading technologies in metering and energy management.


  • Under the terms of the agreement, the power management company will be offering EnergyWatch’s Energy Management Platform as a Service.  This technology partnership will enhance the power management company’s capabilities in Energy Management as a Service, including key use cases: Real-Time Meter Data Visualization, Alerting, and Analytics, Utility Bill Management, Energy & Sustainability Dashboards, Energy Budgeting & Forecasting, Measurement & Verification, and Sustainability.
  • EnergyWatch will begin a joint effort to integrate the power management company’s Metering Solutions into their Energy Management as a Service Platform.
  • EnergyWatch will work together to deliver best-in-class Energy Management solutions to their respective customers.
  • The partnership will enable both companies to strengthen their respective Energy Management and Metering solution sets and provide customers with unmatched performance and flexibility while helping clients reduce energy costs and carbon emissions.

“This partnership will allow us to expand our distribution and provide customers across all verticals with integrated solutions that improve the energy efficiency of their real estate portfolios.  We’ll work closely to bring solutions to market that continue to improve energy efficiency and sustainability efforts of our joint customers.” – Andy Anderson, Managing Director and Partner

About EnergyWatch EnergyWatch LLC is an NYC based energy management software-as-a-service (EMSaaS) provider. EnergyWatch helps commercial and corporate real estate portfolios, Fortune 500 industrial/manufacturing and big-box retail, government, healthcare, and educational facilities across the US reduce energy consumption, emissions, and expenses, simplify energy reporting, and measure and verify operational changes and capital projects. Learn more here: https://energywatch-inc.com/