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Executive Updates for 2021

We are incredibly excited to announce several executive changes happening here at EnergyWatch in 2021. First, Andy Anderson, previously Managing Director, has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer. Andy is well-equipped for this position given his expansive industry knowledge, ranging from his background in energy risk management to his more current subject matter expertise in energy and sustainability management across multiple vertical markets.  After more than 12 years of service at EnergyWatch, no one knows this business quite like Andy.  We are truly elated about the future of EnergyWatch under Andy’s leadership.

Second, we are pleased to announce that Syed Huda, previously Director of Software Engineering, has been named Chief Technology Officer. Syed had spent the previous 14 years building enterprise technology systems and managing software teams for large financial institutions before being recruited by Andy while both were classmates at Columbia Business School. For the past 5 years at EnergyWatch, Syed has been pioneering scalable cloud-based solutions for our energy and sustainability analytics product, Watchwire. Syed’s software development knowledge has been integral to EnergyWatch’s success thus far, and we are thrilled to see what he accomplishes with the expansion of his responsibilities.

Finally, we are delighted to announce that EnergyWatch’s co-founder Diana Sweeney will be taking over as the company’s President and Chief Operating Officer. In light of her more than 25 years of experience in the energy and commercial real estate industries, we can confidently state that Diana will fill this role exceptionally.  Through her co-founding of the company and 20 years of service, Diana’s role has been and will continue to be a vital component to EnergyWatch’s success.

All of us at EnergyWatch are excited for what is on the horizon. We wish you all a Happy New Year!