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Jay Raphaelson Retirement Announcement

EnergyWatch would like to congratulate Jay Raphaelson, our President and Co-Founder, on his retirement.  After more than 45 years of dedication to the energy industry, Jay has truly left his mark through his finding and developing unique and creative solutions to client’s needs.  Before sustainability was as mainstream as it is today, Jay was a pioneer through his developments in electric rent inclusion, submetering, and energy deregulation. Jay’s contributions to the energy and sustainability industry in New York City have paved the way for what exists today.

When Jay co-founded EnergyWatch in 2000, it was one of the first consulting practices in the deregulated energy market in NYC.  Jay’s contributions to EnergyWatch are immeasurable and played an integral role in the growth and success of the company today.  More importantly, Jay’s insightfulness, compassion, and humor will truly be missed amongst the team.

The hard work, dedication, and commitment from Jay over the past 20 years at EnergyWatch is truly worthy of admiration.  Jay will remain on EnergyWatch’s Board of Directors and we look forward to his continued contributions in that role.

While we are so sad about this announcement, we are also incredibly excited for Jay and wish him all the best.  Please join us in congratulating Jay for his achieved career and well-deserved retirement.


Diana Sweeney
Chief Operating Officer