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Demand Response

Demand Response

Historically, to meet the electricity grid’s peak demands (e.g. 3rd day of a heat wave, every A/C unit is running full blast) the utility had to dispatch peaking power plants (which are typically dirty and expensive) or invest in new generation capacity.  To avoid these costly scenarios, energy demand response allows users to voluntarily reduce their demand for electricity, and in turn, receive compensation for providing this valuable resource to the grid.

Get paid to reduce electricity demand and consumption, without affecting tenant comfort or business operations.

EnergyWatch works with our clients to identify ways for facilities to participate in ISO and utility demand response programs without affecting their tenant comfort or business operations.  Demand response energy reduction measures are customized for each facility and can include turning off lighting, leveraging variable speed equipment, raising temperature set points, shutting down select elevator banks, cycling use of non-essential equipment, and using backup generation (where applicable).  Despite the large incentive payments now available for demand response participation, we understand your primary business (whether it’s leasing space to tenants or manufacturing widgets) and demand response participation cannot interfere with your primary business.

EnergyWatch manages enrollment in all applicable programs, establishes a reduction plan with your team, notifies you of test and demand response events, verifies and quantifies performance, provides real-time visualization of performance and alerts through watchwire, and manages settlement and payments with the ISO and utility.

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