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Supply Contract Performance Reporting

Supply Contract Performance Reporting

How do you know you made the correct procurement decision?  Was it an informed, data-driven decision using energy reporting that aligned with your company’s risk appetite and goals?  Did you save money vs. the utility default or last resort service supply rate? Or would you have been better off staying with the utility?  Was the index / variable price worth the risk?  Or should I have fixed the price?

EnergyWatch can help you answer all of these questions through our Supply Contract Performance Reporting.  Whether it’s electricity, natural gas, or fuel oil, EnergyWatch can provide monthly reports showing your actual supply costs vs. other options in the market.  For example, if you chose a fixed price electricity contract, EnergyWatch can provide a report showing what you would have paid had you selected an index price, or remained with the utility for default service.  Through consistent monitoring of your contract performance, you will be informed of potential risk mitigation and additional savings opportunities, such as blend & extends, converting from index to fixed price, etc.

Delivered via watchwire through the cloud, our reports are automatically distributed each month and available for viewing and download through the watchwire platform.

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