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Measurement & Verification

Measurement & Verification

Have you recently spent (or plan on spending) a bunch of money on an energy efficiency project / energy conservation measure?  How do you know the project is performing as projected by the ESCO?  Do you simply trust that it’s working? Or is the ESCO validating its own performance? (a case of the fox in the hen house?)

EnergyWatch acts as a neutral third party and helps our clients measure and verify efficiency projects to validate that the savings proposed are being generated within a certain degree of confidence. Our M&V services are based on guidelines outlined in the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP), the national measurement and verification standard in the United States and many other countries, and the service is led by an AEE Certified Measurement & Verification Professional.

Even with the proliferation of sensors, advanced meters, and building control systems, the data is often is in different (or unusable) formats and multivariate regression models are beyond the scope of most internal energy teams.  EnergyWatch’s M&V service is delivered via watchwire where meter, weather, occupancy, and invoice information is fully integrated and M&V performance is accessible via the cloud to all interested parties.  We do the heavy lifting with the analytics, you gain the peace of mind that the millions of dollars you spent are generating the expected results (or if not, we catch it early enough so modifications and adjustments can be made).

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