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Real-Time Monitoring & Analytics

Dashboards, widgets, charts, alerts – there are over 200 energy data software companies pitching you entertaining, but ultimately limited products to “visualize” your energy use.  To fully leverage your real-time energy data (electricity, steam, gas, water, temperature, and more), it should be analyzed alongside your actual utility bills and costs, not an estimated average cost.  Such a simple approach results in overestimating savings/cost avoidance opportunities or worse yet, missed opportunities caused by underestimating the true value and overstating the payback period.

Load shifting, consumption reductions, and peak load management due to efficiency projects and/or operational adjustments are dynamic and time specific. Work with a partner that’s the go-to expert in energy, capacity, and regulatory markets and can accurately identify the real dollar savings, cost avoidance, and emissions reductions opportunities through our real-time energy monitoring and analytics service.

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