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Renewable Production Tracking

5522Renewable Production Tracking
Renewable Production Tracking

Watchwire provides one centralized platform to consolidate all onsite renewable production data (whether it is solar, fuel cell, battery, etc.) across multiple sites and vendors.  Watchwire is vendor agnostic, delivering either a lagged or real-time data integration.  Some existing integrations include: Tesla, SolarCity, Bloom Energy, Amplus, CleanMax, and NEFIN.  With centralized interval level production, the production can be rolled up by capacity, technology, geography, and/or time period.

With the data consolidated at your fingertips, you can track and report actual production vs. guaranteed/warrantied production in order to true up against contracts. Also, this allows you to analyze contract-for-differences settlement values against various market hubs and your own energy load.

Additionally, with the ability to integrate utility invoice data, you can:

  • Quantify avoided utility cost and emissions
  • Track portfolio carbon offset goals
  • Prioritize additional renewable investments/deployments

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