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Energy Program Research, Strategy & Implementation

Over the past 16 years, EnergyWatch has been involved in many “firsts” in the industry, delivering creative, strategic solutions that deliver enormous value for our clients.  Whether we’re designing a barge mounted power plant to obtain $4 million in economic incentives, entering into and advising the first exit from a discounted power program to net $4.3 million in annual savings, or helping clients obtain various economic incentive packages from the local utility, local or state governments, or public benefit corporations (such as NYSERDA), EnergyWatch is the go-to expert in energy program research, strategy, and implementation.

With expertise in both the regulated and deregulated sides of the utility market, as well as expertise with all utility commodities, the largest corporate and commercial real estate companies in the world come to EnergyWatch when they’re serious about obtaining economic incentives and dealing with all necessary parties.

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