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Greenhouse Gas Emissions Management

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Management

Energy management, particularly sustainability strategy, is increasingly important to overall corporate strategy. 215 (43%) of the Fortune 500 companies have set targets in one of three categories:

A key component of sustainability strategy, and integral in achieving the aforementioned goals, is the accurate calculation and inventory of portfolio greenhouse gas emissions.  Through watchwire, EnergyWatch’s cloud based data management, auditing, and reporting platform, we can easily calculate your Scope 1 and 2 emissions and CO2e emissions for your portfolio.  With multiple sets of emission factors in our database and the ability to choose the factors that make the most sense for your goals, EnergyWatch simplifies GHG management for your portfolio and enables you to utilize the data, rather than collect, clean, and verify the data (we do that for you!).

Whether you plan on using the greenhouse gas emissions data for voluntary reporting to groups like GRESB or the CDP, or for shareholder reporting and good corporate citizenship, let EnergyWatch simplify the process with our GHG emissions management service.

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