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Invoice data is visualized to identify utility account level and aggregate property level trends in consumption, demand, and costs.

This data is used to benchmark properties against each other to prioritize opportunities with the quickest payback and largest impact (based on KPIs such as kWh/ft2, watts/ft2, etc.). 


Through EnergyWatch’s integration with the US Department of Energy’s Building Performance Database (BPD), properties can be benchmarked against the nation’s largest dataset of energy-related characteristics of commercial properties.  You can analyze property data against any defined subset of commercial properties to identify how you compare to the median electricity use for this subset, and where the property ranks relative to its peers.

Additionally, Energywatch’s watchwire platform integrates with Energy Star Portfolio Manager’s API, so you won’t have to manually benchmark your data to comply with local laws. Whether or not your city/state requires Energy Star benchmarking with your data, your property/portfolio can still benefit from voluntarily reporting to Portfolio Manager. See the interactive map below to review Energy Star benchmarking programs and policies:

Also, EnergyWatch is a GRESB Premier Data Provider, helping real estate portfolios accurately and quickly report their energy performance indicators. Our watchwire platform integrates directly with GRESB’s reporting site, allowing automatic update of performance data each year without having to spend time and resources collecting the data, manually update the data, or upload spreadsheets to the reporting site.

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