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Utility Bill Management

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Utility Bill Management

EnergyWatch’s Utility Bill Management software, WatchWire,  automatically acquires utility invoices from utilities and ESCOs so you no longer need to manually extract and track data.  We capture each and every line item from an invoice, and our rules categorize these line items (specific to every utility/ESCO) into their respective component buckets – consumption, demand, flat charges (e.g. customer service charge, meter charge, etc.), taxes, and miscellaneous (e.g. late fee, deposit, etc.).  Reports can be generated specific to certain line items (e.g. demand charges, capacity), while our measurement and verification module uses the component breakdown to accurately calculate true marginal cost savings due to efficiency projects (rather than simple average unit cost, which is incorrect and potentially misleading).  Where online billing is not available (e.g. many “city of…”, “village of…” utilities), we require the utility/client to email invoices to a centralized invoice mailbox to be processed. 

In our Enterprise level service, our analyst/account managers will handle billing error resolution with the utilities and ESCOs.  Users can receive summary processing reports, showing how many invoices were processed in a given time frame, number of failed audits, number of calls made to utilities/ESCOs to resolve issues, and notes regarding outcomes.  The entire lifecycle of an invoice is tracked within our platform.  Designated users can be automatically notified of any billing errors and/or missing/late bills.  These reports can also be generated at any time on demand from the reporting section. 

All invoice images are captured and accessible via the platform, and invoice images can be downloaded individually and in bulk from our reporting section, rather than just one-by-one. 

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