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Invoice Management, Auditing, & Reporting

Invoice Management, Auditing, & Reporting

EnergyWatch’s watchwire invoice management, auditing, and reporting energy management platform provides firms with data-driven analytics to manage utility expenses, consumption, emissions, and income.  By engaging EnergyWatch and our watchwire platform, you will:

Save time – EnergyWatch manages the utility data entry process for all commodities, obtaining all line items from the invoices and consolidating all invoice PDF images in one central location. You and your team no longer need to manually enter data into an excel spreadsheet or database, allowing you to focus on higher priorities.  Our platform rolls up data from a utility account level to building, region, and portfolio levels so you can quickly report on what’s important to you.

Save money – 5% of utility invoices contain errors. From small mistakes to major errors, EnergyWatch audits each and every invoice based on statistical variances, as well as tariff based calculations to ensure the utility is billing correctly.  Whether it’s a fixed price or a day ahead index with capacity pass through and ATC winter blocks, our supply rate calculator ensures your ESCO is billing accurately.

Avoid headaches – Dealing with utilities is often compared to getting your teeth pulled (without anesthesia!). EnergyWatch maintains relationships with your utility and ESCO providers and will manage all issues (such as billing errors, estimated meter reads, delayed bills, etc.) so you don’t have to.

Explain variances – Ever had to explain why your usage or cost was higher than last month or last year? With watchwire, you can easily view analyses of month-over-month, YTD, contract-to-date, and year-over-year variances, both on an invoice total and day-normalized basis.

Understand KPIs – Have at your fingertips the information that is most important to you and your company. Easily adjust metrics and create custom KPIs to help you measure performance and reach target goals.

Prove the effectiveness of efficiency projects – Quantify the impact you’ve had on your property/portfolio through IPMVP compliant measurement and verification of efficiency projects. Find out the true payback of energy conservation measures with marginal cost and consumption analyses, rather than the all-too-prevalent average cost per kWh and kW.  Prove your worth and inspire additional investment in projects throughout your portfolio.

Report up, look good! – Receive automatically distributed, investment grade monthly reports to help you answer all possible questions relative to utility consumption, cost, and income.

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