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Regulated Rate Analysis

The majority of consultants out there will broker energy supply deals, yet have no idea how the regulated rate side of the equation works. Regulated transmission and distribution rates (i.e. delivery rates) can comprise up to 60% of your total electricity cost!  While you may not be able to secure a third party provider (like you can with supply rates), understanding the delivery tariffs is critical for variance reporting, budgeting, evaluation of efficiency projects and capital upgrades, and overall facility management.

EnergyWatch is the go-to expert in regulated rate (tariff rate) analysis.  Our partners are active in lobbying groups that participate in the rate-making process with the Public Service Commissions, evaluating and understanding the intricate details regarding how delivery rates are structured.  Where most people would consider it torture, our analysts enjoy reading 500+ page tariff filings and replicating utility billing models in our proprietary database.  Our unique expertise allows us to accurately forecast and accrue utility expenses, evaluate revenue streams and cost avoidance from efficiency projects and distributed generation installations, and evaluate opportunities to switch to a more beneficial rate class (if possible).

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