Baltimore Energy Management Services

EnergyWatch provides unparalleled energy management services to customers in Baltimore. Coupled with the expertise of our energy analysts, not only can our cloud-based data management system help you simplify energy reporting, it can also help you save money on your energy expenses as well as generate income from your current energy assets

Simplify Energy Reporting for Baltimore Businesses

Although benchmarking requirements are not mandatory in Baltimore, the local authority has already started benchmarking all buildings voluntarily. It’s a matter of time that sustainability reporting requirements will be needed in Baltimore, so let us at EnergyWatch prepare your business, and help you gain meaningful insights from your energy data.

Reduce Energy Expenses for Baltimore Businesses

Are you struggling in your efforts to cut down on your energy usage but to no avail? With EnergyWatch’s modern and innovative tracking solutions, we can pinpoint exactly how you can make massive savings on your energy expenses.

Increase Energy Income for Baltimore Businesses

If you have been focusing on how to save money by reducing energy usage, you are only doing it half right. It’s equally important to learn how to increase your energy income on your energy assets so that you can yield maximum returns on your investment. EnergyWatch will teach you how to employ strategies such as distributed generation, tenant submetering, demand response, and more to make money from energy without affecting your business operations.

Baltimore Utility Companies We Work With


Baltimore Gas and Electric (BG&E)

Potomac Edison

Natural Gas:

Baltimore Gas and Electric (BG&E)

Chesapeake Utilities Columbia Gas

Elkton Gas

Water & Sewer:

Easton Utilities

Chesapeake Utilities Corporation

Baltimore Regulatory Agencies & Wholesale Markets