Cincinnati Energy Management Services

For any Cincinnati business, optimal energy utilization is always a desirable outcome. One way of making sure that happens is to leverage our premier energy management solutions at EnergyWatch. For nearly two decades, we have been helping businesses streamline their energy management processes. It is both our passion and commitment to ensure that you can simplify energy reporting, reduce energy expenses, and generate new income from your energy assets. Work with us today and see how we help you make the most of energy management!

Simplify Energy Reporting for Cincinnati Businesses

Today has never been a better time to lead your business in the right direction by getting ready for future energy reporting requirements. It is highly beneficial for any Cincinnati-based business to have precious energy data at their fingertips. You know that it is just a matter of time before Cincinnati announces the need for mandatory energy reporting, so why not get prepared and be ready for the big change?

Reduce Energy Expenses for Cincinnati Businesses

At EnergyWatch, we can effectively identify key energy areas that can be optimized to reduce overall energy expenses. With the help of our energy analysts, you will see how our dynamic and robust energy invoice audits and facility optimization reports can help your business capture massive savings by shaving unnecessary energy costs!

Increase Energy Income for Cincinnati Businesses

You can always trust EnergyWatch as your valued partner for maximizing energy-related ROIs for your business. We are able to help you earn money off your energy assets by working closely with you to review your tenant leases, negotiate supplier contracts on your behalf, apply for government economic incentive programs, and more. See how we help you increase energy income in ways you have never imagined before!

Cincinnati Utility Companies We Work With


Duke Energy

Natural Gas:

Northeast Ohio Natural Gas Corp.

NiSource, Inc.

Water & Sewer:

Greater Cincinnati Water Works

Aqua America

Cincinnati Regulatory Agencies & Wholesale Markets