Houston Energy Management Services

In Houston, EnergyWatch provides a full suite of energy management services that will help generate savings via utility data management and procurement, as well as help you meet your energy reporting requirements. We have a successful track record to prove that we can help your Houston-based business manage energy assets in the best way possible.

Simplify Energy Reporting for Houston Businesses

Even though Houston does not have mandatory energy reporting, businesses can join the Green Office Challenge Program to share energy data and perform benchmarking. When it comes to voluntary energy reporting for your business, EnergyWatch is here to make the process as efficient and accurate as possible. The process of handling sustainability reporting can quickly become confusing or tedious, but with our knowledgeable team of analysts, you can be sure that the reports we prepare for you are completed quickly and accurately.

Reduce Energy Expenses for Houston Businesses

EnergyWatch’s advanced proprietary software, WatchWire, will monitor, measure, and verify utility invoice and meter data and keep you informed on additional savings opportunities via real-time alerts.  With our utility data analytics program, saving thousands of dollars on your energy expenses is just a call away.

Increase Energy Income for Houston Businesses

EnergyWatch has powerful solutions in store for all our customers – to help you yield income that you didn’t even know existed! Whether it is discovering demand response energy reduction measures or obtaining government-issued economic incentives, EnergyWatch is here to help you identify potential ways for you to generate higher income from your existing energy assets.

Houston Utility Companies We Work With


CenterPoint Energy

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CenterPoint Energy

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Aqua Texas

Nitsch & Son Utility Co.

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