Indianapolis Energy Management Services

EnergyWatch provides top-notch energy management services to businesses in Indianapolis. With us by your side, you can learn how to generate income from energy assets, reduce existing energy costs, and make energy reporting a breeze. Let us show you how to stay ahead of your competition through efficient energy management solutions for your Indianapolis business!

Simplify Energy Reporting for Indianapolis Businesses

Even though Indianapolis does not yet require mandatory energy reporting, recent trends show sustainability measures will sooner or later roll out across the major cities and possibly the whole nation. With more and more of your competition addressing sustainability every day, it’s wise to start preparations early and have the required data needed when reporting is eventually mandated. With EnergyWatch’s help, you can make quick and easy work of this endeavor!

Reduce Energy Expenses for Indianapolis Businesses

In Indianapolis, our experience with many existing companies indicates that many businesses are still using outdated methods to track energy expenses, leading to significant inefficiencies and unnecessary costs. When you use EnergyWatch to manage and audit your energy bills, we will ensure invoices are accurate, data is constantly monitored and consolidated, and KPIs are reported regularly so you can reduce your energy expenses and optimize operations.

Increase Energy Income for Indianapolis Businesses

Other energy management companies may help you save money by reducing energy expenses, but they will not have the insight and expertise to teach you how to generate income from your energy assets. Let us show you how to leverage your assets and turn them into money-making opportunities for your facility!

Indianapolis Utility Companies We Work With


Indianapolis Power & Light

Duke Energy

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Citizens Energy Group

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Citizens Energy Group

Indiana American Water

Indianapolis Regulatory Agencies & Wholesale Markets