Miami Energy Management Services

EnergyWatch provides top-notch energy management services to businesses in Miami. Our expertise can help save money from your energy expenses, and make your business operations more efficient. Regardless of whether you run a hotel, office building, or a multifamily residential portfolio, we can even help you generate new energy income from your energy assets through innovative solutions. Work with us today and make the most of energy management!

Simplify Energy Reporting for Miami Businesses

Miami has a Life Cycle Costing Procedure in place which shows that more sustainability measures will be implemented in the near future. Even though Miami does not have a municipal mandate on energy reporting, you can start preparations so that when the energy efficiency movement reaches the shore of Miami, you have all the data that you need at your fingertips.

Reduce Energy Expenses for Miami Businesses

Many Miami-based businesses are still using outdated energy tracking solutions to check their energy invoices, and this can mean that energy expenses are not reviewed accurately while millions of dollars can be lost through inadequate energy management. With our proprietary energy management software and the expertise of our highly trained analysts, we make sure that these key weaknesses are corrected.

Increase Energy Income for Miami Businesses

Inexperienced energy management firms focus solely on energy costs but EnergyWatch goes a step further and uses creative solutions to help you generate income from your energy assets. With our consultancy services, you can obtain economic program incentives, get energy refunds, and much more by reviewing the untapped potential of your energy assets.

Miami Utility Companies We Work With


Florida Power & Light Company (FPL)

Natural Gas:

Florida City Gas

Florida Public Utilities

Water & Sewer:

Miami-Dade Water & Sewer Department

Miami Regulatory Agencies & Wholesale Markets