EnergyWatch provides the highest quality energy management services to customers in New Jersey. We offer you services that save you money, and make your business operations more efficient. Our fully integrated energy management services not only monitor, and alert you in real time, but also help to reduce energy costs, manage invoices, and more.

Simplify Energy Reporting for New Jersey Businesses

With the increased importance and visibility of sustainability, the complexity of utility tariffs, the volatility of energy markets, and the volume, variety, and velocity of energy data continually increasing, you need a partner who can simplify the reporting process to provide answers, and insights into key questions. EnergyWatch works with New Jersey businesses to help them distill complex utility information into actionable and meaningful results.

Reduce Energy Expenses for New Jersey Businesses

Energy is the number one controllable operating expense for buildings. Energy invoice data is critical to energy management, yet many companies have inefficient or antiquated tracking solutions. EnergyWatch takes a data-driven approach to analyze your energy expenses and reduce cost.

Increase Energy Income for New Jersey Businesses

Most energy management firms focus solely on energy costs. EnergyWatch understands there are two sides to the equation, and works with New Jersey companies on increasing their energy income. Whether through demand response, distributed generation, tenant lease review, tenant submetering, or a yet-to-be discovered way to generate income from energy assets, EnergyWatch helps New Jersey companies maximize the return on their energy investments.

New Jersey Mandated Sustainability Reporting & Benchmarking

New Jersey Utility Companies We Work With


Public Service Electric & Gas (PSEG)

Jersey Central Power & Light (JCPL)

Atlantic City Electric

Natural Gas:

Public Service Electric & Gas (PSEG)

New Jersey Natural Gas

Elizabethtown Gas

South Jersey Gas

Water & Sewer:

Middlesex Water

New Jersey American Water

United Water

Aqua America

New Jersey Regulatory Agencies & Wholesale Markets