Phoenix Energy Management Services

For nearly two decades, EnergyWatch has been a one-stop provider for the energy management needs of businesses across the United States. As a leading energy management provider, we help companies simplify their energy reporting, reduce energy expenses, and increase their energy income.

Simplify Energy Reporting for Phoenix Businesses

In Phoenix, there are no mandatory energy reporting programs in place. However, sustainability has become a key area of concern across the country and voluntary tracking of energy data will help you get out ahead of your competition.  Avoid the last minute rush to comply when energy reporting is eventually mandated in Phoenix.

Reduce Energy Expenses for Phoenix Businesses

We are not a software provider who simply sells a suite of tools to help you perform energy management. Our team of analysts will leverage your utility invoice and meter data, and help you identify and quantify best opportunities for massive energy savings. Many Phoenix businesses are not utilizing the latest tracking solutions to analyze their invoice data, losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy expenses. Let EnergyWatch help you reverse this into a winning situation.

Increase Energy Income for Phoenix Businesses

Although energy cost reduction is important, generating energy income is equally important. There are many ways EnergyWatch can help your business yield more income through your energy assets, including on-site generation, battery storage, tenant lease review, demand response, and more. Our descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics can provide you with the tools to increase your energy income and add to your bottom line.

Phoenix Utility Companies We Work With


Arizona Public Service Company

Natural Gas:

Southwest Gas Corporation

Water & Sewer:

City of Phoenix Water Services Department
Arizona Water Company

Phoenix Regulatory Agencies & Wholesale Markets