Pittsburgh Energy Management Services

As the second largest city in Pennsylvania, energy use is one of the biggest concerns in Pittsburgh. If you want to simplify energy reporting, reduce energy expenses, and increase income for your Pittsburgh-based business, working with EnergyWatch is the first (and arguably the best) step you can take.

Simplify Energy Reporting for Pittsburgh Businesses

Even though Pittsburgh has not made energy reporting mandatory, the city itself currently benchmarks 47% of their municipal buildings. Energy audits are also needed to be conducted every 10 years for municipal buildings larger than 5000 sq. ft. so you can see that the local Pittsburgh administration is poised to move towards energy reporting soon in the future. Why not prepare now by having all your energy data ready at your fingertips so that when energy reporting is required, you can easily comply?

Reduce Energy Expenses for Pittsburgh Businesses

At EnergyWatch, we make use of our proprietary energy management software, WatchWire, to help you track energy use and identify the exact areas where your energy expenses have gone rogue. Many Pittsburgh businesses are still using outdated energy tracking programs to study their energy data which is detrimental to the business. Let us help you cut away those unnecessary expenses and start saving money today!

Increase Energy Income for Pittsburgh Businesses

Do you know that you can increase energy income by opting for solutions such as demand response program participation, tenant lease review, and securing economic incentives from the state or local government? The truth is that many organizations in Pittsburgh lack knowledge and access to these innovative solutions which can potentially help them make hundreds of thousands of dollars from their energy assets. By partnering with EnergyWatch, you can just sit back and relax while we help you generate energy income for your facilities.

Pittsburgh Utility Companies We Work With


Allegheny Power

Duquesne Light

Natural Gas:

Peoples Gas

Equitable Gas

Columbia Gas

Water & Sewer:

Pittsburgh Water & Sewer Authority

Pennsylvania American Water

Pittsburgh Regulatory Agencies & Wholesale Markets