Raleigh Energy Management Services

There are many reasons why you should partner with EnergyWatch to make the most of energy management for your Raleigh business. With nearly two decades of experience, we are able to help you minimize unnecessary energy expenses, simplify energy reporting, and generate income from your energy assets. Whether you are running a multifamily residential portfolio, a commercial office, or a hotel in Raleigh, you can take advantage of our top-notch energy optimization services to improve your bottom line.

Simplify Energy Reporting for Raleigh Businesses

There are no mandatory energy reporting programs stipulated for Raleigh-based businesses. However, with many states and cities already embarking on both mandatory and voluntary energy reporting and benchmarking programs, it’s a matter of time when Raleigh businesses will be required to disclose their consumption. So, prepare your business for energy reporting early and stay one step ahead of the trends.

Reduce Energy Expenses for Raleigh Businesses

At EnergyWatch, we utilize modern energy tracking solutions to check energy invoice data. That’s why all our client’s energy expenses are reviewed with a high level of accuracy and we can potentially help save millions of dollars in the process. With the availability of our highly trained analysts and proprietary energy management software, it’s never been easier to save money by reducing your energy expenses!

Increase Energy Income for Raleigh Businesses

At EnergyWatch, we can help you obtain energy refunds, participate in utility demand response programs, and more to unlock the income potential of your energy assets. With our creative solutions that focus on effective management of energy assets, your business can not only reduce energy expenses, but actually generate income as well!

Raleigh Utility Companies We Work With


Duke Energy

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PSNC Energy

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City of Raleigh Public Utilities Department

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