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EnergyWatch Helps You Simplify Energy Reporting

Accountants and accounts payable personnel do more than just pay the utility bills – auditing for accuracy, accruing data for budgeting and variance reporting, and centralizing invoice data are just some of the additional responsibilities. Some examples of watchwire functionalities that are beneficial to those in this space are:

  • Invoice batch download
  • Tracking missing bills, incorrect bills, estimated bills, late payments
  • Accruing data based on straight-line or budgeted data for variance reporting

Keeping track of bills for multiple properties can often be tedious and time consuming.  watchwire offers various reports that help simplify this process.  With the Invoice Image Batch Download, you can bulk download multiple invoice images based on property and date range.  Our Missing Bills report can quickly check whether bills have been received for a specific time period, and the Bills Overdue report will use the three most recent bills to estimate when a bill should be received to determine if it is overdue (i.e. may be lost in the mail).  All reports have the capability of being distributed automatically monthly via email to ensure that you are keeping track of all billing issues.

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