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EnergyWatch Helps You Simplify Energy Reporting

Energy management, particularly sustainability strategy, is increasingly important to overall corporate strategy.  According to McKinsey & Company’s 2014 Global Survey Sustainability’s Strategic Worth, energy and sustainability management is a top priority for the C-Suite for several reasons:

% of Respondents1
C-Suite McKinsey Chart

The current energy management and sustainability status quo is multiple vendors, each providing individual services in a silo and not communicating with one another. Such an approach makes it nearly impossible to capture the full value of your energy and sustainability activities.  You are paying multiple firms to collect and utilize overlapping sets of utility data, while not being able to fully realize the value of the many interactive effects of various energy management activities (e.g. efficiency projects impact on capacity tags and electricity procurement options, which drives cost.).


With energy and sustainability management’s increased importance and shift from tactical execution to strategic importance, you should be working with an experienced, reputable partner that will serve as your strategic energy advisor.  The largest commercial and corporate real estate firms trust EnergyWatch to manage their energy portfolios because we understand that energy management does not happen in a vacuum (so we don’t provide services in silos).  All of our services are integrated within our watchwire platform so you can most effectively leverage the invoice and real-time interval data from your portfolio to drive cost reductions, increase energy income, and improve your corporate reputation.  Call us at 1-800-678-5095 or email info@energywatch-inc.com to learn more.

C-Suite McKinsey Chart - Footnotes