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EnergyWatch Helps You Simplify Energy Reporting

Chief Engineers, Assistant Engineers, and other operating engineers are concerned with optimizing building operations, enhancing energy efficiency, ensuring occupant comfort, and helping operations, sustainability, and finance mutually meet their goals.  Some examples of watchwire functionalities that are beneficial to those in this space are:

Through watchwire ‘s measurement & verification module, engineers can gain actionable insight into their energy projects to ensure they are on track and reaching their desired ROIs.  Meter readings and any necessary independent variable data (e.g. weather, occupancy, and production variables) are integrated and analyzed to automate your M&V calculations to simplify energy savings reports.

For an even more granular analysis, watchwire provides real-time monitoring and interval data analytics.  Through various visualizations and user created and system generated threshold alerts, our software provides the ability to identify inefficiencies, suboptimal scheduling, and take advantage of opportunities to save.

The benchmarking functionality provides insight into how properties are performing against each other, as well as other anonymized datasets, to prioritize opportunities to improve.  watchwire has integrations with the US Department of Energy’s Building Performance Database, ENERGY STAR, and GRESB, providing more variations to benchmarking and automating your organization’s compliance with benchmarking laws.

With up to 40% of your supply rates being determined by your peak load contribution, it is crucial for engineers to have a plan in place to curtail demand during these peak load hours. With watchwire , you are notified when the grid is expected to peak so you can take appropriate action and save on your supply contracts for the coming year.

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