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EnergyWatch Helps You Simplify Energy Reporting

As a building engineer, you’re responsible for all aspects of building operations, all while keeping the tenants (and the property manager and asset manager!) happy. Plant maintenance, BMS/BAS operation, metering systems, consumption forecasting for budgets, and supervision of projects all fall under your purview.  With increased energy reporting mandates and visibility of sustainability performance, the revenue opportunities with demand response and submetering, and the increased complexity of the energy markets, there’s more on your plate than ever before.  In addition to all the typical engineering issues you must manage, you’re also expected to deal with how your energy usage affects the type of electricity contract(s) for your building(s), the dynamics of electricity supply markets, the ins and outs of utility tariffs, upcoming regulatory changes that may affect your building(s), and how all of this affects tenant leases and revenue.

Don’t hire EnergyWatch if…

  1. You want to spend your “spare” time, entering energy data in spreadsheets, explaining variances, becoming a utility rate expert, then taking the blame if things go wrong.
  2. You’d rather receive operations/energy consumption feedback tomorrow or next month when your competitors are receiving instant feedback as they operate the building.
  3. You’re not interested in quantifying the substantial impact you’re having on your building so you can look good to senior management.

Otherwise, EnergyWatch can help you manage your ever-growing list of priorities and provide the energy market and rate expertise to supplement your engineering expertise.