Why EnergyWatch?


EnergyWatch Helps You Simplify Energy Reporting

Studies have shown that enterprise facilities, like commercial office buildings, waste up to a third of the overall energy they consume. To prevent this type of waste from occurring, it is pertinent that those managing their enterprise facilities are monitoring, measuring, and tracking their energy performance effectively.  At EnergyWatch, we understand that not all commercial and corporate building owners have the time or the resources to manually oversee all energy assets in the most efficient way possible. This is where WatchWire comes in. WatchWire acquires all your utility data, in turn providing you with the actionable insights you need to meet your energy and sustainability goals.

Types of Enterprise Facilities that Use WatchWire:

  • Industrial Plants
  • Corporate Buildings
  • Offices
  • Warehouses
  • Data Centers
  • Transportation
  • Retail
  • Hotels, 
  • & More

Why Enterprise Facilities Need Energy & Sustainability Management:

Learn more by downloading the full WatchWire Solution Brief here.