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EnergyWatch Helps You Simplify Energy Reporting

Energy management is not just about energy consumption and CO2 emissions; it’s also about dollars and cents.  There are plenty of potential efficiency upgrades and capital improvements available to you and your firm, but are they economical?  Is the payback period a couple of years? Or 15 years?  Once the money has been spent, who’s monitoring the actual financial performance to ensure it’s in line with projections?

Don’t hire EnergyWatch if…

  1. You’d rather wing it and quantify your ROI using unadjusted, non-normalized utility data and the incorrect assumption of an average rate (rather than marginal rates and demand rates).
  2. You want to spend your “spare” time, entering energy data in spreadsheets, explaining variances, becoming a utility rate expert, then taking the blame if things go wrong.
  3. You think this energy management stuff is a passing fad and your competitors are wasting their time utilizing EnergyWatch’s expert services (while they’re filling their buildings with high quality, deep-pocketed tenants who are specifically searching for properties with energy management plans).

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a strategic advisor, partner, and resource for all energy-related concerns and how they affect what’s most important to you, then we’re the team for you.