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Operations/Facilities Management

EnergyWatch Helps You Simplify Energy Reporting

In order to meet today’s energy management goals, responsibilities are often shared throughout an organization.  Our cloud-based energy management SaaS solution, watchwire, provides reports and capabilities fit for every role in an organization. 

Operations and facilities management personnel are concerned with reducing costs, explaining variances vs. prior months, years, and the budget, as well as addressing efficiency and sustainability programs.  Some examples of watchwire functionalities that are beneficial to those in this space are:

watchwire provides the ability to generate electric, steam, natural gas, and water budgets based off historical invoice data, combined with various independent variables (such as weather, occupancy, and production) that may affect usage/demand for these commodities.  Budget variance reports provide analysis of actual vs. budgeted numbers on a monthly basis so you can keep track of the drivers of these variances and easily explain the impact of independent variables on costs.

The benchmarking functionality provides insight into how properties are performing against each other to prioritize improvement opportunities. watchwire also has integrations with the US Department of Energy’s Building Performance Database, ENERGY STAR, and GRESB, providing more variations to benchmarking and meeting your organization’s compliance with benchmarking laws.

To ensure energy conservation projects are running efficiently and reaching their desired ROIs, operations and facilities managers can utilize the IPMVP and ASHRAE Guideline 14 compliant measurement & verification module in watchwire.  Meter readings and any necessary independent variable data are integrated and analyzed to automate your M&V calculations to simplify energy savings and performance reports.

With up to 40% of your supply rates being determined by your peak load contribution, it is crucial to have a plan in place to curtail demand during these peak load hours. With watchwire, you are notified when the grid is expected to peak so you can take appropriate action and save on your supply contracts for the coming year.

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