Why EnergyWatch?

SLED – State, Local Government, and Educational Facilities

EnergyWatch Helps You Simplify Energy Reporting

As large consumers of energy both State and Local governments have put in place aggressive goals to improve efficiencies while reducing costs and carbon impact of running their governments. Administrative Offices, Public Works, Law Enforcement, Water/Sewer Treatment all the way down to Street Lights governments use a lot of energy and have the opportunity to make big impacts on both costs and carbon emissions.  Since state and local facilities run on taxpayer dollars, it is even more crucial to ensure they play a leadership role in energy efficiency and sustainability 

K-12 and Higher Education educational facilities both public and private have large campuses that are large consumers of energy. Educational institutions have been thought leaders in energy efficiency and renewable resources to help reduce costs and carbon emissions.  Because school districts and universities usually have multiple facilities and buildings dispersed over a wide area, it can be difficult to monitor the utilities usage and expenses of all the buildings and continuously track all of the efficiency improvements.

WatchWire is able to gather all the utility data – electricity, gas, water, steam, waste – from all facilities in a single source of truth, eliminating the need to manually compile data spread among many spreadsheets. WatchWire then turns your data into actionable insights, allowing you to meet your organization’s overall energy and sustainability goals.

Types of SLED Facilities that Use WatchWire:

  • Public & Private Universities & Colleges
  • K-12 School Districts 
  • Local Municipalities
  • Cities
  • States

Why State, Local Government, and Educational Facilities Need Energy & Sustainability Management: