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EnergyWatch Helps You Simplify Energy Reporting

For Directors for Sustainability, Analysts, Managers, and anyone else within the organization concerned with sustainability management, voluntary reporting, compliance reporting, and meeting the company’s environmental goals are critically important.  Some examples of watchwire functionalities that are beneficial to those in this space are:

Our platform, watchwire, provides an intuitive reporting module offering analytics into various KPIs for relevant stakeholders – one of these being the Greenhouse Gas Emissions report, which provides an overview of CO2 emissions per property, region, and in aggregate for the portfolio.  All reports have the capability of being automatically distributed monthly via email.

As an ENERGY STAR Partner, EnergyWatch’s watchwire integrates with ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager’s API so you do not have to manually benchmark your building data to comply with local laws in your city or state.  Additionally, as a GRESB Premier Data Provider Partner, watchwire has a direct integration with GRESB, allowing an automatic update of performance data each year with no manual filing.  These integrations ensure your organization is complying with recent advances in benchmarking legislation and sustainability initiatives.

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