Why EnergyWatch?


EnergyWatch Helps You Simplify Energy Reporting

Digital engagement is key to increasing value to your largest clients. Whether you are an IOU or Supplier driving innovation is key to improved customer satisfaction and retention. An Energy and Sustainability customer engagement portal enables customer value and visibility for you to identify the correct programs for your clients. Meeting energy and sustainability reporting needs in today’s environment is a challenge for C&I clients. Controlling costs, reducing usage and carbon are key goals that your clients are trying to meet. A customer engagement platform, like WatchWire, allows commercial and industrial users to turn their utility data into actionable insights both in and out of territory. With intuitive, user-friendly navigation in a cloud-based, fully integrated platform, your platform can be set up in weeks. 

Types of Electric & Gas Utilities Using WatchWire

  • Investor-Owned Utilities 
  • Energy Suppliers

Customer Engagement Platform Capabilities

Learn more by downloading the Customer Engagement Platform Brief Here.